Ways to Help

If you know someone in need, don’t ask them how you can help, ask the Holy Spirit and just jump in and do something!

We are so blessed to have friends and family who have helped in very creative ways. It’s a great testament to the goodness of God in the people all around us.

Though we don’t solicit help for our family any more, we keep this page on the site to offer suggestions on how you might be able to help others.

If you have found this page as you were looking for ways to help a friend recently diagnosed with a life threatening disease, consider one or more of these ideas. For the ones that require more than one person (dinners, fundraiser,) consider starting a help group that can execute the idea.

Almost all of these ideas came from our friends and family – we didn’t ask for them. There are even more ideas for helping others in the “Rob’s Columns” section of this site.

Pray – Most people welcome and invite your prayers. Click here to see more about healing prayer.
Become a Virtual Caregiver – Help with Marcy with financial support. If your circumstances don’t allow you to donate cash now, talk with other individuals and companies to see if they can donate goods, services, or cash.

Volunteer for Dinner – Friends bringing dinner was one of our biggest blessings – not only for the convenience, but for the fellowship and visiting opportunities it gave us.

If you don’t have cash, you can create some for someone in need by selling used clothing in consignment sales or on Craigslist.
Donate gift cards – Almost everyone has received at least one gift card that you know you’ll never use. Donate those cards to someone in need and they’ll put them to good use!
Buy a Book – We have an Amazon.com account – and so may the family you are helping. When you click through to amazon.com through their site, money is contributed.
Shop Online – If you shop at any of hundreds of stores online through iGive, a percentage of sales goes towards the family in need. Click here to learn more and to start.
Bring Your Perk – Almost every job comes with at least one little something extra because you do what you do. It often becomes old and stale to you, but to a person or family in need, it can make their day. See our 6/20/03 column for examples.
Perform a Personal Service that you feel comfortable doing. Since she couldn’t do it herself, Marcy loved having the Bible read to her.
Conduct a Fundraiser – We were blessed to have friends conduct and help with many fundraisers over the years. For details, click on any of these that sound interesting to you: Golf Tournament, Wine Tasting Event, Ice Cream Tasting, Virtual Flower Garden, Run-a-Thon, eBay Fundraiser, Yard Sale, Music Competition.

Recognize a Need – Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of something the family needs just by listening. For example, early in this part of our walk, my parents gave us a massage table after they learned I was giving Marcy massages on the floor. They knew the table would make it more comfortable for Marcy and easier on me.

Bring Groceries – Something Everyone Uses – With no invitation or warning, a neighbor brought by bags of non perishable items: paper towels, toilet paper, and laundry detergent. She said that everybody uses these items and even if we had plenty, they wouldn’t go bad.

Give knowledge – As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time on the Internet looking for ideas to help Marcy. But no one can know everything. If you run across something that you think can help, forward it, or better yet, act on it like my parents did when they found out about a respite care program and applied for us.

Give Joy – Go by for a visit. Tell a joke or funny story. One of our favorite nights was when our next door neighbor brought his guitar and sang some of the songs he has written. He is very good.

Make a prayer quilt – My Aunt Sara and my mother made us a prayer quilt that still shows us daily how much we are loved.

Every week since May of 2003 I have written a new column for The Tennessean. Each of them is an idea of something you can do to help others. Click here to see them.

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